Mindfulness teaches us not to be caught up in the past or future, to live life fully, to embrace every moment and every step on the path of life anew.   When we are mindful we are curious, open and accepting of our experience; life flows with less effort and more peace of mind.  

Mindfulness Meditation classes and individual consultation can help us to apply mindfulness towards dealing with everyday life and stress: 

Similar to Yoga, which stems from ancient Hindu traditions, mindfulness meditation has been adapted in the West, from ancient Buddhist teachings. My work as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher typically involves teaching skills for coping with the changes and challenges of  everyday life. Mindfulness based meditation helps us develop more focus, calmness and ease in a typical day. It reduces reactivity to difficult situations, eases minor aches and pains and helps us to let go of the stress, worries and moods stirred up by our fast paced, competitive society. Children can also be taught mindfulness and it can be  practiced in the classroom. 

Mindfulness Oriented Psychotherapy applies mindfulness towards dealing with more deeply entrenched issues:

  • Mindfulness oriented therapy is a blend of mindfulness and therapy. One good example is Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which can be helpful with both depression and anxiety. There are also other therapies rooted in mindfulness. We develop good mental health through mindfulness.

  • We learn to tolerate and stay calm be in the presence of strong emotions and memories, not to react in ways that can damage our relationships, to move through emotional pain of the past, to rein in the future – to find happiness in the present.

  • We learn to concentrate our mind rather than being scattered and distracted.

  • We let go of unhealthy thoughts, perceptions, feelings and other mind states that keep us stuck in the past or worried about the future. It can also help with cravings.

Mindfulness meditation, when at its fullest, can help us live wise and compassionate lives. We can gain deep insights and gradually learn to be accepting of the human condition. In doing so we become patient, kind, gentle and generous toward others and ourselves. We discover joy and meaning in life. 

There are many good teachers of meditation all over the world. You do not have to subscribe to a religion or give up your religious tradition to learn mindfulness meditation.


Every step is an arrival and a departure on the path of peace.
— Maha Ghosananda