Children and Families

The overall effects family members have upon one another can be a great source of strength and support. Yet problems with even a single-family member can have ripple effects on the whole family.  Children can be both a source and recipient of family stress affecting them in various ways. Family therapy, play, art and behavioral therapy can be helpful for children of all ages.   I involve parents or other family members, as relevant, in the therapy. We are a team. 

Babies and Toddlers

Very young children from ages 0-3 develop an inner sense of trust, safety and security within the caretaking relationship. Relationship based approaches, within the context of family therapy, are effective in addressing the young child's needs.

Pre-school Children

Play and art are the language of the young child. Preschool age children benefit from play, art and behavioral therapy, usually within the family context. Therapy can help them learn to regulate very strong emotions, focus more, develop a balance between seeking comfort and exploring the world, and navigate challenging  interactions with peers.

School Age Children

School age children benefit from learning skills for problem solving, interacting socially, thinking in healthy positive ways,understanding the interactions between mind and emotions, exploring their identity/roles and more.  Play and art therapy can still be helpful with older children, depending on interest and personality. Mindfulness therapy can be very helpful with impulse control, calming down, focusing and empathy. 

Family therapy continues to be beneficial for supporting communication and maintaining a healthy balance between family structure and independence into the teens.