Good Reasons to Seek Therapy for Yourself or Your Child

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen

For Your child...

  • Wondering if your baby is attaching to you or feeling like you aren’t bonding.
  • Concerns about your child’s eating or sleeping behaviors and mood. 
  • Drug/alcohol problems in the family affecting your child.
  • Chronic or terminal illness of a family member affecting your child.
  • Long separations from your child that appear to be affecting his or her behaviors. 
  • Concerns about your child’s ongoing tantrums, intense feelings or withdrawal. 
  • Your child exhibits severe difficulty adjusting to family changes or divorce.
  • Your child exhibits ongoing disruptive, behaviors – has trouble in school, has trouble with focus and concentration.
  • Your child is preoccupied with death and dying. Is extremely withdrawn and/or isolating, exhibits frequent tearfulness, worries.
  • Your child has regressed to younger behaviors (such as bedwetting or clinging) or is exhibiting any alarming change in former functioning.

You in relationship with your child...

  • Prenatal or postpartum concerns: Feeling stressed by a high risk pregnancy or not adjusting to being pregnant -- or since the birth our your child. Feeling hopeless or overwhelmed.
  • Stress and worries that have increased to the point of overwhelm since the pregnancy or birth or your child.
  • Not knowing what is reasonable to expect from your child.
  • Worried about passing emotionally painful family patterns to your child. 


  • On going un-ease with life, not being able to relax.
  • Constant worry and burn out, overwhelm.
  • Frequent tearfulness.
  • Wishing you could just die.
  • Unexplainable guilt and feeling worthless.
  • A loss you can’t seem to move on from. 
  • Panic attacks.
  • Recurrent nightmares. 
  • Intrusive traumatic memories.
  • Cravings that are preoccupying you. 
  • Lack of meaning in life.
  • Inability to concentrate. 
  • Co-dependency.